Agarwood Oil

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US $13,000-15,000 / Kilogram | 0.5 Milligram/Milligrams (Min. Order)
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New Delhi
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OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)
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Pure Essential Oil
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Place of Origin:
Assam, India
Orange Brown to Dark Brown
powerful, deep, musky & sweet
Aquilaria agallocha, Aquilaria secundaria, Aquilaria malaccense
Other Names:
Oud, Oudh, Dehnal Oud, Rooh Al Oud, Mai Krisana, Kiara
Aristolene, octacosane, naphthalene, caryophyllene oxide
Distillation Method:
Part Used:
Agarwood Resin
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Glass bottle, decorative bottle, aluminum bottle.
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One Week

My Company, R. K. Essential Oils Company engaged in manufacturing & Supply of Essential oils, Concretes, Solvent Extracts, Natural Compounds & Attars, as well as Indian Agarwood & Sandalwood products.

Our founder Late Mr. R. K. Tandon started a small business in 1975. In the beginning we came distillation field of Sandalwood oil and after three years we started works on Natural Essential oils. First, we established our factory in Assam for the manufacturing of essential oils & worlds rare products Aquilaria agallocha. Others names of Aquilaria agallocha are Agar wood, Oud, Gaharu, Eagle wood etc. We also distill Patchouli oil, Citronella (Java), Lemongrass etc. We have also a unit in Kannauj hometown for distillation of Hydrosol products & others essential oils like clove oil, marigold, and Basil oil more and more. We have also made many Attars and we have been exporting these products for many years with getting Testimonial of appreciation by our worldwide buyers. Please try our products sample - buy online shop, we are confident that you can never ignore our product's importance in your needs.



Agarwood Oil (Aquilaria agallocha) India


Luscious and resinous, dark and exotic, Agarwood oil, also known as Aloeswood or Oud oil has a millennial association with mysticism, aphrodisia and divine ritual.  Derived from the hydro-distillation of the agarwood, which lends it a particularly deep, unctuous quality, this ethereal and earthy nectar is among the rarest and certainly the most costly of all essential oils.  Agarwood oil is surrounded by myths and legends: it is reputed to have magical powers of attracting wealth and love.  


Agarwood (Gaharu) is precious resinous wood formed in heartwood of Aquilaria tree, an archaic tropical evergreen tree native to Golf of Tonkin, Vietnam and other countries of Southeast Asia. The odor of Agarwood is complex and pleasing. As a result, Agarwood and its essential oil gained great cultural and religious significance in ancient civilizations around the world. Nowadays, Agarwood has been widely use in aroma industry, medicine, indoor air improvement and fumigation and religious practices and spiritual life. Agarwood oil is obtained using a hydro distillation where an aromatic chemical is extracted from Agarwood chips by hydrodistillation.


Agarwood Jungle in Assam


we collect agarwood tree from jungle of North Cachar hills, Assam India. there are available much wild agarwood still now.




Cutting Agarwood tree


Agarwood tree cutting down by our Agarwood hunter friends.



Unload Agarwood in Factory



Agarwood Resin ( resin embedded wood)


The resin embedded wood is commonly called Resinous wood or Infected wood The infected part of the tree, after it separation from the tree, and the oil processed from it, is the main source of sweet smelling perfumes and medicines all over the world.



Cutting Agarwood for Distillation


Distillation method are begin with cut to small pieces of Agarwood chips with resin . 



Agarwood Oil Distillation



Agarwood Oil Filtration


After the completion of the distillation process the oud oil is kept in open sunlight to evaporate any excess moisture within the Oudh (Agarwood) oil. 



Ready to use or ageing


Now Agarwood Oil (Oudh) is ready for consume & ageing.



Here are available GCMS Graph for our Double Super Oud (Agarwood Oil)



Botanical name: Aquilaria agallocha
Appearance:  Orange Brown to Dark Brown
Odor: Aromatic,  powerful, deep, musky & sweet
Flash point: 170°C

Boiling Point: 95°C - 105°C
Freezing Point: 10°C - 22°C

  Agar wood oil are best for medicinal & Cosmetics uses. It is highly prized as an incense in Japan and as an oil in the Middle East. Because Agarwood is so rare, and so highly valued in Japan and the Middle East (where most of it ends up), it is little known in the West. But agarwood is truly amazing, and should be experienced by any connoisseur of essential oils. It is also so good for skin. 


The scent is reminiscent of its earthly origin, warm, woody and deep, the mark of a fine wild-harvested agarwood oil. There is a deep and rich spicy woodiness, which is the dominant tone of the fragrance. It is complex, tenacious, and really pleasant. this special oil is come with a traditional decorative bottle with durable & special unique wooden box, which are special created for carry this special Oud.


we welcome to both retail & wholesale buyers, retail buyers can make order online at our webshop & wholesale buyers can send us email or call at +91 9936624238 (we can chat on whatsapp too). Sample available.


Packing Availability: 0.5ml Sample, 3ml (Quarter Tola), 1 Tola, 500ml & 1.0 KG Wholesale Packing

Delivery with FedEx, DHL or EMS with in one week. Please contact us for price & available stock of Agarwood.
Presently we supply our agarwood chips, agarwood oil & powder to United States, Canada, United kingdom, France, Austria, Bulgaria, Sauth Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Yeman, Kuwait, China, Hong Kong and Japan.



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